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John Du Val: a bio


Who Is He Really?

After growing up in Jersey City, NJ, where he attended preparatory school, Mr. Du Val moved toward the waterfront in the small, bustling city of Hoboken. Always longing for the vivacious environment of the big apple, John felt right at home across the Hudson river. He has always been an artist at heart, and has progressed from teaching himself to draw at a young age to producing animated shorts at Parsons School of Design and finding comfort within the computer labs and fine art studios of Mason Gross School of the Arts. Du Val also frequents the galleries of Manhattan and often walks in Washington Square Park for inspiration. His visual art portfolio is available at both and

washingtonsquare   paintbrush

An Italian Affair

However, Du Val's interest are not confined solely within the walls of a university. After spending four months abroad in Florence, Italy, and living a single block from Il Duomo, the young man developed a taste for the Italian language and immediately fell in love with the culture of one of the world's greater Renaissance cities. Several of the young artist's confidants have admitted to Du Val's "affair with Italy," describing his complete vulnerability for all things Italian. The young man's blog chronicling his trip can be viewed at

duomo "Il Duomo" (Florence Cathedral) walkway John's usual route to class

To The Future and Back

While the young man has developed keen interests in both domestic and foreign spheres, John Du Val has ultimately constructed his own dilemma, which appears an attractive one. His passion for writing has ignited a desire to write for the silver screen, continuing his love for film as a professional career. Close to graduation, John's interests continue to expand as he prepares to be unprepared in the world that is not the familiar realm of academics; yet he wills himself toward its capitulation. It is said that John can be seen on the college ave campus at Rutgers, playing soccer in the streets as a reprieve from school work, eating at his favorite pizzeria, or occasionally enjoying the New Brunswick nightlife, never choosing just one thing to do and always embracing the spontaneous.

stonestreet John's residential street near the Rutgers Campus   tido's Local Chili Dog Hangout

Things You Probably Didn't Know

When asked his top 5 favorite things in life, Du Val answered:

  1. Looking at and creating art
  2. Enjoying a nice film
  3. The Yankees, when they're winning
  4. Chocolate doughnuts
  5. A bar, when the Yankees are winning

Top 3's

Hobbies Books Sites
Wandering the streets of New York City Will in the World
Watching movies Frankenstein
Drawing and Painting Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane

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