Below is a survey designed to test your knowledge of color theory and visual relationships and to determine users' creative input with regard to the visual art presented on this site.


Which pair consists of complementary colors?

Red & Blue
Blue & Orange
Red & Yellow
Yellow & Blue

Which colors are considered the subtractive primaries?

Red, Blue, Green
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Red, Blue, Yellow

Who was a big proponent of "color field" painting?

What is Hans Hoffman's Push/Pull Theory and what makes it so effective as an optical illusion?

Value of Design

Why is color so essential in design? Can you give a few examples from everyday life? (logos, advertisements, etc.)

How would you construct an analogous, 'warm' palette?

Which medium do you believe best demonstrates a multitude of color relationships?

Individuals and their Colors

If you had to describe your personality, your present mood, or your creative style, which colors would you use? Are there some colors that recall certain sensations? What exactly is it about these colors that characterize YOU?

What are some examples taken from designs or specific websites that demonstrate effective color relationships, or that affect you in particular? List a few to be posted and shared with other users.

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